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MRL23- Another Dramatic Dialogue or ADD

Labor's antsy-ness is spreading to the rest of the team. Virtues these days just can't sit still and listen to a story. I blame the Internets! They've been corrupting the forces of good for decades now.
And just look at how cheerful the Tarot version of story-time is! They can't possibly be evil with that much neon.

Another momentous occasion for the Sins anniversary... the server fees have been paid for another year! Ya-yay? Okay, not quite as exciting as pictures and wallpapers, but we're on the air for another year now.

I'm moving this weekend so next week's comic schedule might be a bit wonky. I've been assured by my ISP that my new apartment is already set up for service and it will be working the day I move in, but I'm not the most trusting of people, so I'm going to post Monday's comic some time on Saturday before I leave here. If for some reason I still don't have service by Tuesday, I'll have to post Wednesday's comic when I can use my work computer or something. But hopefully everything will work fine and all will be well.

Quick Review: Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero 2- NIS has some great sprite artists working for people that do terrible gameplay. Some of the characters are a bit blurry like they were done larger and then shrunk down but they're still all well-drawn, cute, and expressive. The story is the typical NIS anime junk though. I liked Disgaea 1's world despite the forced quirkiness, not because of it, but that's the road they keep going down. A bunch of demons and monsters in the Netherworld stand on their own, you don't need to make everything overly wacky. The gameplay is set up like the original Ghosts N Goblins/Castlevania games. Crappy jumping, a lack of maneuverability, enemies placement intended solely to push you into pits, leaps of faith, instant kill traps, etc. Basically, it only comes down to trial and error and memorization rather than any real kind of challenge. I got up to the last regular stage and there was little to nothing fun about it. There's nothing that balances out the frustration so you can say "Yes, this game is annoying but at least X is neat and enjoyable.". If it's not annoying and fun, it's just annoying and then why bother playing at all. There's a secondary mode where you play as another character and, while she's unlikable and annoying, the changes to her moves and attacks make her a lot more tolerable. I still couldn't be bothered to stick around to beat the game though. I cleared all the regular stages and then got a segment where the vehicle I was riding in was constantly being destroyed by enemies that were firing projectiles from off the screen. Every time I killed them, they'd just respawn and the vehicle travels on a set path, so I said nuts to that and quit. So apparently NIS makes its action games the same way it makes its RPGs- a couple of neat ideas just really poorly executed.