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MRL26- Virthrees Company

But if Marlie likes the Empress, then isn't she just insulting her own team here... This whole world conquest business is just all about low self-esteem! Oh if only Chastity was able to hug it out. It would be so hot! I mean... helpful in resolving conflict and spreading peace. And hotness...
Man, now even the Virtues are accusing people of kidnapping. Everybody needs to just start tagging and monitoring their allies once they're under three feet. Maybe one of those leash/harness combination dealies. Demeaning AND hilarious.

Quick Review: Alice: Madness Returns- Alice: MR is neat to look at, I like the style, the plot is interesting, and (I don't know what this says about me) Alice is a cute character, but playing the game isn't fun. It isn't a bad game and if I had bought it, I would have finished it, but this is one of the rare cases where I'd rather the game had been shorter. Levels drag on and the game quickly wears out its welcome. There are some varied obstacles but the game makes you get around them over and over. The biggest drag is the heavy focus on combat. I'd have liked the game much more with less fights and it probably would have been a great game without any regular enemies, only bosses. Combat is tedious, frustrating thanks to the camera and the game's finickiness with changing which target you're locked onto, and annoyingly frequent. Just like the level obstacles, once you figure out how to beat an enemy, the game is just stretching out fights and making filler. Learning when to dodge and counter or what trick there is to taking down a big enemy is fun the first time but after the fifth, tenth, twentieth time you kill the same enemy across multiple levels, it's just boring. When you combine those issues with a lousy camera, lots of collectibles, collectibles that don't seem to actually do anything, having to keep changing modes to shrink down to find invisible objects, and getting stuck on bits of the level for no reason, I didn't stick around for the whole thing but I was at least interested enough to spend some time reading over the Wikipedia entries for the games.