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Posted by Pip

MRL27- Lusty You Got Some Splainin To Do

Well that ties all of this up rather nicely. Arc over and on to the next thing!
What? No? You demand plot and logic? Fiiine. Come back next update and we'll did into this deeper. Slave drivers...

In honor of October being DDG's last month, we forgo the usual crossover picture and it's all about the Zippage this time! “Zippage” sounds vaguely dirty. But the wallpaper is full of the clean, wholesome dead folk you've come to know and maybe even... love.

Next up on the monthly change, amusing searches that somehow lead to Sins!
“unholy feast” - Gluttony wants to know where and how much? Probably just the where though.
“greatest butt” - Greed.
“unfit mom” - Just which of the Sins or Forces is this referring to?
“nudity in history” - You probably don't want to go back more than just a few decades. Ancient history was... gross. Stick to eras with regular bathing, razors, and Photoshop.
“forgive me monkey”- Greeting card people in the audience, stop everything you're doing and get on the Forgive Me Monkey. It needs to be the mascot of all “I'm sorry” cards and merch. Grudges will vanish practically overnight once wronged people start receiving Forgive Me Monkeys.
“pajama cake” - I will openly admit that I spent too much time pondering this one. It's either amazing or horrific. Nothing inbetween.

And finally, this week's TWC voting incentive is the first of the new mailbag pages! Don't forget to send in or post your questions for a chance to see them in a picture. Participation is fun!