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Posted by Pip

MRL30- He Totally Was

Come now, Sharing, who is going to doubt the narration of the Sins? “Lying” isn't one of them, now is it? If you can't trust this lovable technicolor group, then who can you trust? Look at Sloth's face! That face wouldn't lie!

Our TWC bribery of the week is born from a conversation in the chatbox. See, participation is awesome! Click that voting link and give us a hand if only to catch up on what you miss by not submitting to the chatbox. Look at how pretty and green it is!

DDG updated over the weekend too! And speaking of DDG...
Reader and pal Scuffndings sent us some DDG fan art!

Thanks, Scuff! I posted his picture at a smaller size, so head over to his site for the full version: