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Posted by Pip

MRL33- Handshake Felt Around Time And Space

Crises averted! Look at that, Lust and Empress are totally super best friends now! They're going to hang out, drink tea together, hopefully go shopping and teach each other how to dress better... The rest of the Sins can look after the other Tarot too. Hiero can be the team pet! Just as long as they leave his care and feeding to somebody a bit more reliable than well... anybody on the Sins.
How disappointing is it that the plural of “crisis” is “crises”? I would have gone with “crisises”! Stop being so boring, English.

The month is almost over, so if you have a question for the mailbag, send it in!

The tour de force that was the DDG finale was posted this weekend. Hop on over and read it before it's gone! Gone FOREVER! Or I can just leave it in the gallery and link to it from the new comic that starts next week. Link to it FOREVER! Doesn't sound as intimidating or urgent...

After mentioning Beezle in one of last week's comics, I started a new theme on the TWC voting images. This week is the first of a few looks back at the oh so humble beginnings that the Sins clawed their way through to be created. Feasting on the energy of the past ideas and using it to start stronger and more focused than the comics before them. Doesn't this image and text sound freaking epic now!? Vote to find out just who this Beezle was and what he had to do with Envy. Oh, and help Sins get even more powerful and clawy. Your days are numbered, comic one space above us!