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Posted by Pip

MRL34- Get Ready To Slaaap Fiiiiight

Finally! Somebody gets to throw down in all this tension! Oh she may be cute and cuddly but there's only so much guff she'll take before BAM! A petite open palm to the face. Or was it a closed fist... But we'll never know, so thanks a lot, Lust's hair. Either way, it's pretty safe to say we can still just blame Sharing. Shirtless freak.

The best little demon in the Spirit Realm is back in the action-adventure follow-up to A Vice's Game. Guide him in an RPG style quest to help the Dealer get her body back.

Download the game here or from the link in the Swag section of the site:

You can also download a pack of "retro" game covers and you'll see why when you start playing:

Thanks to the people at
for the box art templates:

And special thanks to Melissa for her feedback in beta testing.

If you get stuck or have any questions, just post in the chatbox below or in the forums and I can help or write up a quick walkthrough.