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Posted by Pip

MRL35- Prove Your Sinsliness

Yay, new Sin! Yay, it's some kind of hulking rock monster! And with all the annoyance and hassle the team heaps onto O Pride, they better hope the new guy isn't going to just stomp on them and laugh maniacally. Nah, that couldn't happen. It doesn't make a mouth to get that proper laugh going.

I posted a spoilerific walkthrough of A Vice's Quest in the forums, so if you're stuck, you have somewhere to turn to! Of course you can always ask questions of me but I understand that sometimes you want to hide the embarrassment that you were ravaged by tentacles.

I feel like a real Californian today. I had not just my first earthquake but TWO of them on the same day! On California's statewide earthquake preparedness training day nonetheless. And that training was utterly useless, yay! By the time everybody stops saying “do you feel that?” or “is that an earthquake?” the whole thing is over.

Long, Stay in your gwave Review: Undead Knights- UK is ostensibly Pikmin for grown-ups. Which kind of translates to minions and gore replacing minions and charm. Unlike the Pikmin, your zombies degrade rather quickly so you have to constantly replace them and you can only summon a very limited number at a time. The game gets around this by having unlimited enemies to infect and they pop out of thin air. This means that even after clearing out a room, maxing out your zombies, and trying to concentrate on an obstacle, new enemies will materialize, start knocking you around, kill off some zombies, and you have to start the process three or four times until you can finally clear a path. It would have been far better if the game recognized that you were maxed out and just stopped spawning new enemies until you cleared the obstacle or lost too many minions. And the zombies are, granted thematically, dumb as rocks. If it takes 5 zombies to pull down a gate, four of them might rush right to it while that straggler will get caught up on something or just not approach the gate wasting time to have your other zombies degrade or new enemies to magic in. Also rather unlike Pikmin, the character you control isn't useless. If it weren't for objects that arbitrarily required zombies (I have a giant weapon yet this wooden gate can only be broken by unarmed rotting zombies. Video games!), you could get damned far alone. But combat is the most fun when you get to use the zombies as weapons. You can toss them onto big enemies to bring them down to the ground so you can attack their weak spots, you can hurl your zombies into shielded enemies to dizzy them, or you can straight up explode your zombies and damage everything in a radius. The puzzle-y moments like that are again weighed down by the game constantly creating new enemies while you're trying to focus on a task. Unfortunately, once you get two chapters into it, you've seen most of what the game has to offer. Small enemies you take out on your own, big enemies you throw zombies at, and then it's just the same gates to knock down and bridges to form. The minor annoyances grow as the enemies get stronger and take longer and longer to kill so every time you have to call off an attack on a gate because a group of your zombies is running into another group and they're both preventing each other from moving, the game becomes that much less worth playing. The control scheme uses most of the buttons so you don't have a way to spin the camera, only center it, causing you to frequently get knocked around from enemies you can't see and don't have a quick way to get them on screen, especially in the later stages when there are enemies that can rush you. A cavalry trooper dashes at you from offscreen, knocks you to the ground, and then as you're getting up, another one does the same thing. Then there's the music! It's repetitive godawful heavy metal as interpreted by a high school garage band that knows one chord. Undead Knights could have been a lot of fun with some better play testing, ways to keep the gameplay fresh, and getting rid of the respawning enemies so it's a pass for most people and a rental at most for the hardcore undead fans.
Sins Committed: Bad camera, Bad controls, Bad music, Repetitive combat, Bad AI
Virtues Acted: There's a button that lets you explode zombie minions!