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Posted by Pip

MRL36- What Is It With Envies And Greed

Jealousy is showing off and it's a mix 'n' match Sin! If there's anything more awesome than Greed, it's snake-Greed with tentacles and a rocky carapace ready to loot your money and your blood. Slithering a path of destruction down the coasts and razing all that... I mean, Jealousy is neat.

This week's TWC voting image takes a deep dark look at what we'd get if Sloth turned sides and left the Sins. It's just too horrible to think about! But you should still vote...

The new donation series has started up, Mercynaries. Same Bat-link, same Bat-time, new Bat-comic.

I'm going to post the first four pages for free then we'll go back to the regular donation-based schedule. I'm rather bad at promotion, so let's allow the comic to speak for itself.

Of course, “Mercynaries” isn't to be confused with “Mercenaries” by friend of the show, Razii.