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Posted by Pip

LG1- Surprise Surprise

The return of an old friend! Rafargle, how we missed you! You've been with us for so long and your deep ties with the Sins, Murdoch, and the golems. Oh, and Not-Lust is there too. I guess all that applies to her too. But is she as awesome as Rafargle...

Mercs updated this weekend so click that button to your left to check the new pages out! Just look at how happy she is! And giving you some thumbs up!

Busy on other projects but I wanted to at least do a quick Halloween picture. The Mercs are whining already and they're only four pages into their comic! Happy Halloween, Slapeggs!

This week's TWC voting incentive is another look at Sloth giving in to the evil side and helping the wrong team. I don't normally do two Sloth pictures in a row, but if anything screams dressing up for Halloween, it's Sloth in a costume.

We have a new wallpaper for the new month! Kind of squeaking in on the Halloween debut, but what's more important is that it gives a groovy send off to everybody's favorite Sin. EVERYBODY's!

October never disappoints and the random search strings that somehow lead to Sins don't either:
“comic polite” - Other comics are all up in your face, shouting, berating other comics. Sins? Fancy white gloves, a golf clap, and a spot of tea.
“teens smoking comics” - Legalize it! If people want to smoke comics, it's none of The Man's business!
“armenians” - Just Armenians. Not Armenians don't anything special or looking for any information on them. Just searching for Armenians beings Armenian.
“www gay pride” - Would you people stop asking for pictures of Pride sexying it up with other ladies and – Wait... Possibly a different kind of gay pride you're looking for. Carry on then!