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Posted by Pip

LG4- There Can Be Only One

The golem murders are solved! At least Golem Gluttony and Envy can rest peacefully knowing that their spiritual sister killed them not out of hate but to sustain her own powers and grow stronger. How selfless of them to give so kindly! So not only is she nuts, Golem Lust is nuts and powerful! She can regenerate and she gets a copy of Lust's awesome hair power. And Anger's love of murder! W-woo?

Today's comic has a cameo courtesy of CrazyCow! A link to his page is right here. Just be warned, there are plenty of things there inappropriate for young children, Hosts, and Pride. Avert your eyes if necessary:
Now just what Greed is doing with a toy of Wonderbra Woman is something Greed is going to have to explain to Lust. She'll either be horribly jealous or just want to loot it for herself.
Thanks, CCP!

The TWC voting incentive this week is another look back into the past... to my very first webcomic! Oooh. Ahhh. Does the historicality not compel you?