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LG5- She Might Even Enjoy Some Of The Options

Obviously this plan won't work. When has Lust ever operated through reason? Don't you learn anything by being an evil twin, Golem Lust?!
This whole arc is a holiday themed one for Thanksgiving! What fantastic planning on my part. Some families have the weird grandpa or the drunken uncle, the Sins just get the possessive, vindictive doppelganger. And maybe Pride has to sit at the kiddy table.

Quick Review: Persona 3- The first hour of Persona 3 is a tedious, completely not fun school sim made worse by constant interruptions from a truly repugnant character that the game then surprises you by forcing him into your party. You definitely have to have a weeaboo streak to enjoy this game, with the random Japanese words, answering trivia about Japan, and the barrage of names and places you get up front. In the realm of gameplay, it's a turn-based RPG. Nothing too special in mechanics but it's not as offensively dense as the Shin Megami Tensei games on the Playstation. But for a handheld game, you can't save when you want to, only at the sparse save points, which, as I've said many many times, is a really bad idea for a handheld game, especially in RPGs. And the extra niggling point, if you chose the female character, the text changes to "she"s and "her"s, but all the spoken dialogue is for the male character. I really like the mythology and mystical creatures of the Persona games, but I just can't stand the gameplay. I might have been able to do this one if it was just the supernatural parts, but the school sim aspect killed it for me.