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LG6- Smells Like Wet Puppyman

Greed takes your drama and intrigue and says nuts to that. No tricks or deception needed. Just walk up to your buddy, say “Hey! Crazy person wants to do questionable things to/with you. What's up with that!”, and then everybody goes off on their business. And apparently he gets pampering and massages out of the deal. Always snitch, kids! It worked for Greed and you want to be cool like Greed, don't you?

Page 5 of Mercynaries was uploaded today! Read, learn, be as awesome as the Mercs! Which may or may not match how awesome Greed is.

Quick Reviews: Books!

Chew Volume 2: Chew is freaking awesome. There are so many plots going on but they all tie in together in some way so it's never overbearing and when something new is introduced, your mind starts spinning trying to connect everything. The writing is just quality stuff. A small detail that was just a funny joke to show how much of an ass Chew's boss is and was perfect just for that bit then gets a callback a few issues later and everything gets better for it.

Incredibles: Revenge From Below: As an adult, you'll figure out what's really going on with the plot pretty early but it's still a good ride with a lot of good art and fun writing. For a kids' comic though, it's pretty trippy and I have to applaud that. It features a female villain and I have to say that I really like her design. She's sexy but in a totally kid appropriate G-rated kind of way. That's conflicting.

Writing Movies For Fun and Profit!: Even if you have no plans on moving to Hollywood, this is a great read. The authors are the actors that played Junior and Dangle from Reno: 911 so the book becomes that much funnier because you read it hearing Tom Lennon's voice. It even has a lot of genuinely interesting information about software, processes, how different studios work, and thirteen pages that just run through and explain what all the positions you see in the movie credits actually do. They get a bit heavy on winking to the reader but the jokes that work far outweigh the duds.