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LG9- Sane Jeans

Silly Lust Golem, you obviously get a Forgive Me Monkey to make up with the person you want to killhugmurderlove. And Regular Lust is totally throwing caution to the wind here. Best case scenario, she just stole a package left on a park bench and it was something nice meant for somebody else or she opened a package left by a crazy unstable lady that could contain explosives or chemicals that will melt her face off. Christmas is fun in the Sins world!

Rayman Origins- This is my first Rayman game so I'm coming into the series fresh and clean. The story here seems completely nonexistent. Rayman wakes up some skeleton people, they scream, and then you have to collect yellow things? I didn't get it. But the art and animation are amazing. Everything is bright, colorful, expressive, and animated. And the number of frames of animation is fantastic. Just stupid little actions have unique animations or multiple looks for performing the same actions. And the nymphs are ridiculously adorable. Origins has that annoying Loco Roco-style music, but it really fits the characters and their world so I didn't mind it. And everybody speaks in Pig Latin for some reason. Unfortunately, the game just isn't fun. You die in one hit and just about everything is a jumping puzzle or heavy into trial and error. If you spend a couple of seconds looking around one spot, the cave will collapse and crush you. Jumping on one platform makes a coin pop out but after two seconds it disappears so you have to replay the stage and this time you now know that once you hit that platform, immediately turn around and run back for the coin. You need to get as many collectibles as you can because the levels only unlock when you have enough of them, rather than for beating a boss or something more enjoyable than memorizing patterns of where collectibles will appear. When things work, it rewards you for exploring and taking risks, which is fantastic, but then to lose all that progress because you were a few pixels off or dashed for one second too long or hit a bounce pad with a heavy hit instead of a light hit is extremely frustrating. There's a lack of checkpoints on top of all the trial and error and the first screen is a primer on terrible level design. You learn all the mechanics on one screen and screen transitions are what serve as checkpoints, so as you're learning the mechanics and getting used to the controls, you'll die a few times so you get sent back to the very beginning and have to replay the whole tutorial from scratch. I played through the first world and some of the second but the game just wasn't enjoyable outside of being art. I would gladly watch a movie with the art, characters, and animation but for a game, much less one that they're charging $60 for, it wasn't worth more than a day's rental to me.