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Posted by Pip

LG10- Virtepilogue Part 2

The Virts are going to kill off Chastity! Nooo! She's the purplest of the bunch. You can't ice that! Unless Modesty isn't speaking in code and they're just going to chain her up. Lust seems to be down with that so maybe it will help. Or it's a power struggle and Fast is going to take over! Nooo!

This week's TWC voting is more fun with anagrams... with a twist! It's a “Mercynaries” edition! That's right, the whole of Mercs is just a dastardly plan to introduce more anagrams! Why not click to vote and indulge my mad schemes?

Special thanks to ChesCa of the comic Thread Crashers for some sponsorship this week. Click that link to the left and go check out his comic!