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1521 F66- It Is Full Of Funk And Wagnall
1520 F65- Consummate Professional
1519 F64- Sound Logic
1518 F63- When Is A Door Not A Pretty Jar
1517 F62- I Hope She Left Some Newspaper Down
1516 F61- Dear Diary
1515 F60- The Way To The Heart Of A God
1514 F59- Mastering The Art Of Limbo Cooking
1513 F58- Remember The Sinamo
1512 F57- Women Are Confusing
1511 F56- She Wants Time To Think About It Overnight
1510 F55- Just Think How Gross Goo Hugs Would Be
1509 F54- I Hear It Also Makes You A Jerk
1508 F53- The Scarf Is Like The Genie From Aladdin
1507 F52- Sins Just Operate On A Better Level
1506 F51- Fuguoo
1505 F50- Butterfly In The Sky
1504 F49- Glowing Is One Of My Life Goals
1503 F48- That Was Not A Lie
1502 F47- Make A Deal
1501 F46- Sleepover
1500 F45- Do Prehensile Demons Scarf Hands Count As Hands
1499 F44- Songs About Librarians Do Not Have Fun Titles
1498 F43- Feel The Love
1497 F42- I Just Called To Say I Greed You
1496 F41- Silly Greed Songs
1495 F40- Can You Feel The Greed Tonight
1494 F39- Tainted Love
1493 F38- How About Best Friends
1492 F37- He Is All You Need
1491 F36- Group Group Group Hug
1490 F35- Fantasy Archipelago
1489 F34-Hands In And Do Not Destroy The World On Three
1488 F33- Anger Is Basically The Bed Bug Sin
1487 F32- Time Will Tell
1486 F31- Girl I Must Warn You
1485 F30- Love The Someone Else You Are With
1484 F29- Honesty Is The Best Return Policy
1483 F28- Metric Versus Sinperial Units
1482 F27- Circus Of The Scars
1481 F26- Shadow Puppets
1480 F25- Affection And Cannibalism Are Very Similar
1479 F24- Bruise Ship
1478 F23- Super Best Friend Forces Forever
1477 F22- Tower Of Babbling
1476 F21- Sharing Too Much Knowledge With Knowledge
1475 F20- This Page Needs Flashing Lights And Colorful Uniforms
1474 F19- Double Ds For Dewey Decimal
1473 F18- There Is Wordplay On Being Fine And Library Fines Somewhere
1472 F17- Using Your Legs Like Cavemen
1471 F16- Worse Than Being Called To The Principal
1470 F15- That IS What They Exist For
1469 F14- Su Casa Es Mi Casa
1468 F13- One Of Them Better Be Shaped Like A Skull
1467 F12- If You God It Flaunt It
1466 F11- Probably Most Definitely
1465 F10- Say It Four Times
1464 F9- Sloth Belongs To No Man
1463 F8- Wander Lust
1462 F7- Science Up In This Joint
1461 F6- Jerk City
1460 F5- Grace Is Not A Sin Or Virtue
1459 F4- How About A Morning Zoo Crew
1458 F3- Visit Scenic Humanity
1457 F2- Boss Buttele
1456 F1- Down To Six Already
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