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1455 R Intermission
1454 R10T24- Is Where You And I Are Going To Spend The Rest Of Our Lives
1453 R10T23- The Future
1452 R10T22- Greed Is Anti Vigilante
1451 R10T21- It Is Not What You Know
1450 R10T20- It Starts With L For Lady
1449 R10T19- Who Is That Sinemon
1448 R10T18- Nuder Looter
1447 R10T17- Vermin Sin
1446 R10T16- It Better Still Be Fearsome But Fuzzy
1445 R10T15- Joger Angoy
1444 R10T14- She Has The Touch
1443 R10T13- Kid Tested Gluttony Approved
1442 R10T12- Fun For Kids Of All Ages
1441 R10T11- Baxman Forever
1440 R10T10- Tiny Bit Of Bias
1439 R10T9- Glory Be To The Froya
1438 R10T8- Does It Come With Health Benefits
1437 R10T7- Two For One Turkey Jerky
1436 R10T6- I Could Find A Better Me Than Me
1435 R10T5- It Looks Like Riots In L33t
1434 R10T4- Or SiVirNsTues
1433 R10T3- But They Were Entertaining Fights
1432 R10T2- Start Throwing Garbage In It
1431 R10T1- Inactivity For The Sloth
1430 R9M29- Nuts To The Future
1429 R9M28- Demand A Parade
1428 R9M27- Savior Lug
1427 R9M26- Now Give The World A Stuck Jam Jar
1426 R9M25- Moons Over My Handy
1425 R9M24- ScHopes Trials
1424 R9M23- Abandon All Hope You Who Enter Here
1423 R9M22- It Is Mooning Them HA
1422 R9M21- Call The Cops On The Moon
1421 R9M20- They Need Moon D Fence
1420 R9M19- Whiners
1419 R9M18- I Am Always Ready
1418 R9M17- Better To Tear Out Than Off
1417 R9M16- The Gang Is All Here
1416 R9M15- Unlocking Vertical Power
1415 R9M14- You Can Be Both
1414 R9M13- Think Of The Customers
1413 R9M12- Greed Is Too Awesome To Not Be Contained
1412 R9M11- Envy Can Pick A Winner
1411 R9M10- Happy Bastille Day
1410 R9M9- Maybe Your World Had It Coming
1409 R9M8- Rabite The Dust
1408 R9M7- Maybe It Will Bounce
1407 R9M6- That Just Leaves Decimation And Cataclysm Left
1406 R9M5- Secret SerVice
1405 R9M4- Look To La Moona
1404 R9M3- CapitalSinism
1403 R9M2- Somebody Call Sloth
1402 R9M1- Tupperware Party Hardly
1401 R8AN10- Yet Another Reason For Decoder Rings
1400 R8AN9- Hooray For Muffins
1399 R8AN8- Spooky Jerk
1398 R8AN7- Order Now And Get The Audiobook Version For Free
1397 R8AN6- She Is All Kinds Of Awesome
1396 R8AN5- Lots Of Hand Sanitizer
1395 R8AN4-Cracked Would Be Preferable
1394 R8AN3- Just Talking About Marlie
1393 R8AN2- A Gentle Massage Maybe
1392 R8AN1- Gooey Marshmallow Centers
1391 R7H12- The Never Beginning Story
1390 R7H11- Rules To Live By
1389 R7H10- Hopeacritical
1388 R7H9- ProbaSin
1387 R7H8- Double Slanderds
1386 R7H7- Cuddly Entrapment
1385 R7H6- Glowing Eyes Help Evolution
1384 R7H5- Did You Call Your Tentacled Overlord
1383 R7H4- So An Arma Army Then
1382 R7H3- Baaaron
1381 R7H2- He Probably Did Something Sometime
1380 R7H1- It Can Be Both
1379 R6F12- Mixologists Start Working On Balance Themed Drinks
1378 R6F11- Seer Pressure
1377 R6F10- Out With The Jive
1376 R6F9- Maybe they Just Wanted To Hear The Story
1375 R6F8- Unpleasantness
1374 R6F7- You Only Hug the Ones You Love
1373 R6F6- The Multiverse Hath No Fury
1372 R6F5- That IS Pretty Boss
1371 R6F4- Commence The Resquealing
1370 R6F3- An Emotional Roller Coaster
1369 R6F2- And Sometimes Y
1368 R6F1- E
1367 R5B21- So Is That A Yes
1366 R5B20- Get Your Strut On Bax
1365 R5B19- Humanity Not Humility
1364 R5B18- Everything Bax Does Is Heroic
1363 R5B17- The Captain Is Serious Business
1362 R5B16- I Keep Mine In The Bathroom Cabinet
1361 R5B15- We Shall Call That A Maybe
1360 R5B14- Evil Is Under Foot
1359 R5B13- Superheroing 101
1358 R5B12- Bad Influence
1357 R5B11- Phys Dead
1356 R5B10- What Are You Sloth
1355 R5B9- Team Loyalty
1354 R5B8- They Are An Understanding Peoples
1353 R5B7- Get Her A Giant Magnifying Glass
1352 R5B6- Blueberry Jam
1351 R5B5- And Flashlights Do Not Stop Axes
1350 R5B4- The City Was Not Using It Anyway
1349 R5BS3- To The Rooftops
1348 R5BS2- Silly Foolish Goofs Even
1347 R5BS1- Armageddon Had Taste
1346 R4E21- Do Not Look At Who Is Talking
1345 R4E20- Culottes Are Lame Too
1344 R4E19- Better Living Through Denial
1343 R4E18- A Star Is Born
1342 R4E17- Butts
1341 R4E16- Eye Of The Tiger
1340 R4E15- Definitely Do Not Run With Those
1339 R4E14- Greatest Lesser
1338 R4E13- Hero You Say
1337 R4E12- They Fail At Not Being Failures Too
1336 R4E11- Also Works For Bears
1335 R4E10- Or Monday
1334 R4E9- Sammies
1333 R4E8- They Do Multiply Quickly
1332 R4E7- FedUperalism
1331 R4E6- Herlectoral College
1330 R4E5- Avaritiamania
1329 R4E4- Look To La Luna
1328 R4E3- DemoCrazy
1327 R4E2- Behind The Times
1326 R4E1- Electoral Trade School
1325 R3S28- A Witch Burn Her
1324 R3S27- Or DID They
1323 R3S26- Cookies Dammit
1322 R3S25- Four Letter Word
1321 R3S24- Volunteering Not Fearing
1320 R3S23- Mehster Of Secrets
1319 R3S22- Honesty
1318 R3S21- Considered Good Luck In Some Cultures
1317 R3S20- Master Baxter
1316 R3S19- In Case Of Emergency
1315 R3S18- Baxman Returns
1314 R3S17- Black Plague Friday
1313 R3S16- Death From AboZZZ
1312 R3S15- Feel The Love
1311 R3S14- Tilt O Hurl
1310 R3S13- MosCuteOes
1309 R3S12- Labor Pains
1308 R3S11- Believe In Yourself And You Can Behead Anything
1307 R3S10- Still Cute
1306 R3S9- DiMehtrodon
1305 R3S8- MehGa
1304 R3S7- Ladies Worship The Goo
1303 R3S6- SiKnights Of The Round Table
1302 R3S5- Re Lie Able Narrators
1301 R3S4- Comedy
1300 R3S3- Sensitive Insensitive Demons
1299 R3S2- How Doth the Little Crocodile
1298 R3S1- For Whom The Bell TollsHouse
1297 R2A44- Welcome Home
1296 R2A43- Cookie Bouquets Are For Losers
1295 R2A42- The Band Is Back
1294 R2A41- Chekov Slashy Arm Demon
1293 R2A40- Feed Your Head
1292 R2A39- Reading RainbOH The Humanity
1291 R2A38- You Were Warned
1290 R2A37- Fool Proven Plan
1289 R236- You Should Have That Looked At
1288 R235- Needs A Moustache
1287 R2A34- Full Of Something All Right
1286 R2A33- Not Quite These Idiots
1285 R2A32- These Kinds Of Idiots
1284 R2A31- Bunny Broadcasting Corporation
1283 R2A30- Go With What You Know
1282 R2A29- You ARE Pretty
1281 R2A28- Demonual Labor
1280 R2A27- Not You It Is Well It IS You
1279 R2A26- PrideOrities
1278 R2A25- Finland Is Confusing
1277 R2A24- The Issues The People Care About
1276 R2A23- What Was That For
1275 R2A22- Mandrakes Kick Butt
1274 R2A21-Envy Demands Redhead Or Better
1273 R2A20- Leave Her Sub Tanks Alone
1272 R2A19- Kiss Babies Punch Demons
1271 R2A18- Cash Or CrediOh God My Face
1270 R2A17- Envy Always Watches Backsides
1269 R2A16- A Rose By Any Other Name
1268 R2A15- Ewwwww
1267 R2A14- Not Me I Am Perfect
1266 R2A13- Lucky Filo Did Not Go The Damsel Route
1265 R2A12- Top And Bottom It Is
1264 R2A11- Tag
1263 R2A10- Generally A Good Sign Of Inhumanity
1262 R2A9- Because An Envy Party Does Not Stop
1261 R2A8- Do You Have A Minute To Talk About The Elder Gods
1260 R2A7- Get Your Frequent Beating Card Punched
1259 R2A6- Marlove
1258 R2A5- When A Boy Reaches A Certain Age
1257 R2A4- Just One More
1256 R2A3- Snuggle
1255 R2A2- Time Share Of Terror
1254 R2A1- Baked Goods OF EVIL
1253 R1R46- So Many Revenants
1252 R1R45- Banners Win Wars AND Elections
1251 R1R44- Take A Walk On The Mild Side
1250 R1R43- In Lust We Trust
1249 R1R42- Feel The Need For Greed
1248 R1R41- Truth Honor Fuzziness
1247 R1R40- Put Traps Down For Those
1246 R1R39- Posters Never Lie
1245 R1R38- Try An Ice Cream Sandwich Next Time
1244 R1R37- Loan Snark
1243 R1R36- Bed Bath And Beyond Thunderdome
1242 R1R35- That Comes With A Decoder Ring And A Pin
1241 R1R34- InterrogaSin
1240 R1R33- To Lean More About Evil Consult Your Library
1239 R1R32- And Slanders Is My Favorite Advice Columnist
1238 R1R31- Springs Eternal
1237 R1R30- All Ye Who Enter Here
1236 R1R29- That Is A Good Case For The Sins
1235 R1R28- Like A Child He Is
1234 R1R27- Sage Advice No Matter Who You Are
1233 R1R26- Stop Drop And Do Not Set Yourself Ablaze
1232 R1R25- How Surgeon Generals Are Chosen Too
1231 R1R24- Neither Should You
1230 R1R23- Audible Gasp
1229 R1R22- ALL Their Skills
1228 R1R21- Green Piece Of My Mind
1227 R1R20- Campagne
1226 R1R19- Dang I Already Used CamPain
1225 R1R18- Selectoral College
1224 R1R17- The King Is Dead
1223 R1R16- CamPain
1222 R1R15- Taste The Legend
1221 R1R14- Because She Is On A Raised Platform Dangit
1220 R1R13- Reintarnation
1219 R1R12- Home Is Where The Harm Is
1218 R1R11- Mass Hysteria And All That Business
1217 R1R10- Habitats For Inhumanity
1216 R1R9- House Best Guest
1215 R1R8- Violates Some Kind Of Housing Codes
1214 R1R7- Brand X Chaos
1213 R1R6- Action Cartographer Squad Go
1212 R1R5- Cosmic Foreclosure
1211 R1R4- Hurwaf
1210 R1R3- Ready The BBQ And Booze
1209 R1R2- No More Breaking On Through
1208 R1R1- The Beginning For Now
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