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Good Stuff To Read

Churches vs zombies. Ogres vs a lot of things that are
smaller than them and easily squishable. And one girl
with a strong belief in the five-fingered discount.

Spitting in the eye of fourth walls and dimensional boundaries, these two joined comics have torn enough holes in
Time and Space that I'm pretty sure you can smack your own past self.
Charby the Vampirate:
Amy/Zerlocke really is the hardest working woman on the webcomics scene. Even if you aren't a fan of moderately evil pint-sized
demons and evil spirits, it's worth checking out her comic for all that she does.


Dungeons And Barbies:
I'm more of a Dream Houses And Dragons man, myself, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't support the
Overlord Bob comic by friend of the show, Zero. There's a lot of "not for the young ones" potential so watch your age range.

Hero In Training:
While heroes may not have the same appeal as villains training what with their fancy ray guns and giant robots, HiT is still drawn by a
friend of Sins and that alone makes it worth a read. And cast and story and art and all that jazz.
Home of Dr. Eams, Triple M, and DupliKate! Dr. Eams has a Greed
cameo in it, so you're bound by your Puppyman love to read it!!
I think the banner says it all. Another comic by friends of the show, Darin and Thom!
Contains some adult bits so it's not for the wee ones!
Taking a wrecking ball to that fourth wall and then dragging it out into the back alley and
roughing it up a bit more, just to show it who's boss.
One of the main linkers kind enough to send quite a few people our way. It's a collection of
artists and stories, but not really for young eyes so use caution.

The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive:
A site that identifies and catalogues webcomic crossovers and cameos. A great and fairly unique resource, and also a great boost to the ego.

Check out Hogan's other project at:


Home of Sins friend and contributor Bubblicious, Wintergreen is probably the only place you can find Sloth starring solo in its very own game.


The Overture:
A link exchange partner with Sins. Not too keen on how they treat demons over there though. I think our cast might take exception to that.


Razii gets my vote for being one of the keenest webcomic artists I've spoken too, so give this multi-talented
creator her dues and check out her comic and various photography and art projects.
A comic by writer and friend of Sins, Thom, and artist, Darin, with lots of mythological characters,
quadropeds, and the thought that if they're cremated, do you get a source of cheap glue?